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The openaip platform provides current and precise worldwide aeronautical data.
Based on contributions from a vibrant community of aviation enthusiasts. Free to use for anyone. Developer tools and API available.
Explore a huge database of aeronautical data with our thorough set of interactive tools like searchable lists, interactive maps and an in-depth detailed view on each data entry.
The dataset is based on contributions from aviation enthusiasts from all over the world. It's free for anyone to use and contribute. No account yet? Start contributing and be part of the openaip community!
Use openaip data in your in-flight navigation application of choice. Various data formats are available for download. It's even possible to stream data updates in real-time to your devices!
Worldwide aviation data right at your fingertips!
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Developer tools
We offer extensive API for third-party developers to power their applications. If you are interested in our API, please take look at the API documentation. For developer tools and issue tracking please visit our GitHub page.